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Directed by Kelly Kane and Matt McCulloch, the Kane School Pilates certification is a rigorous training program combining the classic principles of Pilates with a modern, clinical perspective on the body. The program crafts advanced teachers with x-ray vision—teachers with solid knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and injuries as well as the skills to perceive and improve them. Graduates work in a variety of settings across the fitness, wellness, and medical worlds. The full training includes Foundation Training (Core Muscle Anatomy), Comprehensive Mat, and Basic Training equipment certifications.


Foundation Training

Lay the groundwork for learning the Pilates discipline with a comprehensive anatomy foundation. All Pilates certification students must complete Core Muscle Anatomy, or test out with a passing grade on the Kane School Anatomy entrance exam.

Comprehensive Mat

Get to know the Kane School Core Principles how they apply to the Pilates method. This in-depth course shapes advanced instructors with a mastery of Pilates mat exercises as well as the knowledge to address biomechanics and postural issues in private and group settings. Includes lecture, self-study and assistant-teaching hours.


Basic Training

Gain a comprehensive Pilates equipment education. Learn choreography on the Pilates apparatus – reformer, chair, cadillac, and barrels – and how to apply Core Principles to equipment sessions. Interwoven through the training is the story of the moving body—its anatomy and biomechanics as well as its common postural problems and injuries.


“My time at the Kane School has been full of personal and professional growth. The thoughtfully-scaffolded structure of the Basic Training program allowed me to repeatedly circle back to ideas, each time with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the material.” 

-Ellyn Sjoquist, Kane School student 2017


“I love studying at The Kane School because I'm continually learning about the human anatomy and how it connects to everyday moving, classical, and contemporary Pilates. The teachers are super encouraging and always willing to share their knowledge and expertise!”

-Victor Lozano, Kane School student 2017


“The Kane School Core Principles for movement resonated with me. Their philosophy on functional movement and rehabilitation just makes sense. Each teacher has a wealth of experience and are gifted in their techniques of teaching and training.”

Judy Thurau, Kane School student 2017


“The name Kinected has opened doors for me in the Pilates community. Since completing my mat and equipment training, the Pilates community recognizes me as a Kane grad which goes a long way. It shows I come from a specific and smart way of learning and teaching.” - Hannah Kornfeld, Kane School Student 2018


“The equipment training at Kinected is extremely well rounded and full. It leaves room for personal development and discovery of what kind of teacher you want to be. There’s care in specificity and leaves room for self exploration and curiosity.” - Hannah Kornfeld, Kane School Student 2018


“The Kane School’s meticulously crafted program was so much more than simply learning how to teach Pilates choreography. I was given the space to learn theoretically and kinesthetically while thinking critically and applying it all with creativity. The teacher trainers are at once generous with their knowledge but firm with their expectations that we go beyond memorizing content.  I participated in a virtual version of Basic Training and was amazed at how supported I felt through the entire process. Despite participating in this training from across an ocean, the experience felt very intimate. My perspectives on moving, teaching, and learning are forever changed.” - Katherine Laplant, Kane School Student 2020


“Coming from the personal training world I never found a true practice in corrective exercise, until Kinected. At Kane School/Kinected I had the benefit of diving deep into understanding the human body, how it moves in a healthy state, where and how movement dysfunction can present, and learning to use Pilates to find each body’s healthiest expression. The depth of knowledge of every instructor, and their willingness to share it, is unmatched and inspirational.  


I am so grateful for everyone at Kinected and the opportunity to complete their program virtually!  Their program is bringing my practice to a new level with confidence to continue my passion of helping people feel better and move better in their body.” - Stephanie Walsh, Kane School Student 2020

More details coming soon!

As a proud Kane School alumni, Leila is honored to announce that Ebb & Flow Pilates will be an Offsite Training Center for the Kane School, based in NYC.

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