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Group Classes

Experience a full body, thought-filled flow of movement while enjoying the energy & community that comes from a group working in unison. The small class sizes ensure you will be closely observed, direct feedback can  be given & allows for modifications when needed. 

Private and Semi-Private

An hour of individualized and customizable workouts. Chat with your instructor – make it yours!

Ebb & Go!

Our virtual class options keep you moving no matter where you are! 

  • Reformer
    a 55 minute full-body class utilizing the reformer.
  • Tower
    a 55 minute full-body class utilizing the tower.
  • Chair
    a 55 minute full-body class utilizing the chair.
  • Mat with Tower
    a non-traditional spin on classical Pilates mat work, adding the resistance or assistance of the Tower springs.
  • Cardio Jump-Board
    Need to add cardio to your routine? The jump-board is an attachment to the Footbar end of the Reformer that transformsit into a trampoline. Jumping can be done in a variety of positions. The spring tension takes gravity out of the equation, so it is gentler on your joints than jumping on the ground. *Recommended to attend minimum 5 regularReformer classes before attending Jump-board.
  • Prenatal Mat
    A class that uses pilates principles, but is modified and designed to support your body’s natural changes in preparation for birth. These exercises are safe and beneficial for all trimesters and all levels of fitness. No previous pilates experience required. In this class, you will learn: Exercises for safe abdominal and whole body strengthening Stretches and techniques which help alleviate pelvic misalignment and low back pain Diastasis recti prevention and management Muscle and myofascial release techniques Exercises for pelvic floor health, in preparation for birth and the postpartum period
  • Tower: Slow Flow
    a more restorative version of our traditional Tower class with additional attention to stretching and/or myofascial release; Perfect for those recovering from an injury or simply desiring a more intentional pace
  • Private
    an hour of individualized and customizable workouts. Make it yours! Athletic Lessons “When all your muscles are properly developed, you will perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.” —Joseph Pilates Whether you are seeking a way to advance your fitness level, or searching for sport-specific cross-training… your goals are our goals, and we can’t wait to help you succeed! ​ Rehabilitative Lessons “Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” —Joseph Pilates Your movement tells a story. Your postures and patterns reveal the experiences you’ve collected over years of life. An “overuse injury” is simply the result of repetitively doing what you love. Leila offers her understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, training in injury rehabilitation and her holistic approach to each of your private lessons. She will guide you through creating more efficient patterns, with the mission of empowering you to safely return to the life you love.
  • Semi Private
    Relish the benefits of a customized workout while enjoying the company of a friend or family.
  • Live Virtual Lesson via Zoom
    With the instruction, guidance and eyes of an instructor, receive a customized pilates lesson without leaving home!
  • Video on Demand Subscription
    Keep up your pilates practice wherever you are with Ebb & Go. With a simple monthly fee, you receive access to a library of videos that you can peruse!
Class Description
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